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6 - 10 September 2017                           From classical crossover and minimal soundscapes to modern composition with (live) electronics. Gaudeamus Muziekweek presents the newest music by young music pioneers during the eponymous and highly renowned music festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  


06 Sep 2017

PROFOUND SOUND – Asko|Schönberg + Cappella Amsterdam ▸▸

07 Sep 2017

Composer On Stage – Shalygin ▸▸

10 Sep 2017

RUSSIAN FUTURISM – Utrecht String Quartet + Thorwald Jørgensen ▸▸

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Utrecht Muziek

Thursday 08 Sep 2016 young pioneers · crossover ·
A Night Out with Modelo62 start: 20:30 Location: Theater Kikker Price: € 18 / € 13 (online) € 35 (combi) › Tickets
Performers: Ensemble Modelo62 Composers: Vine, Anthony (1988) , O’Callaghan, James (1988) , Kaleli, Emre Sihan (1987)

Geert van Boxtel will give at 7:45 pm an introduction to the concert with Emre Kaleli and Ezequiel Menallad.

Buy Tickets | Gaudeamus Muziekweek |Ensemble Modelo62 presents a multidisciplinary night out in our new festival location, Theater Kikker. The always energetic ensemble likes risk-taking and encourages the use of novel techniques across various genres. It creates ambitious programmes with a virtuoso touch and a remarkably open mind. Fittingly, the programme comprises three works by Gaudeamus Award 2016 nominees Anthony Vine and James O’Callaghan

A great interdisciplinarian who forges links between contemporary music, the visual arts, and dance. In his work For Agnes Martin  Anthony Vine refers to the oeuvre of the eponymous artist whose paintings seem much alike at first glance. Agnes Martin recreates the same structure in endless variations; a grid of horizontal and vertical lines, rendered with precision on large canvases (approximately 2 x 2 metres). The sounds of the harmonicas and cassette decks in Vine’s piece weave their way through the ensemble in a similar manner. Thus he paints a varied aural landscape with intriguing “floating layers”. His other work, From a Forest of Standing Mirrors, was influenced by Maguy Marin’s choreography “Umwelt” that features the dancers’ capricious reflections in restlessly vibrating mirrors as they (almost) create a perpetual motion machine. The repeating sound constructions in Vine’s composition are mirrored and fragmented. A video projection forms a counterbalance throughout the piece.

Gaudeamus Award nominee James O’Callaghan’s AMONG AM A offers an encompassing and extraordinary listening experience. Music and ambient noise fuse as the boundaries between everyday sounds and music continue to blur. It is not difficult to see why Modelo62 decided to add this work to its repertoire.

Finally, Ensemble Modelo62 presents a new interdisciplinary work in close collaboration with three young artists – theater maker Luz Lassizuk, visual artist Yolanda Uriz Elizalde, and composer Emre Sihan Kaleli.

The central idea of this piece is to address to a larger spectrum of the audience’s sensations, seeking to enlarge the horizons of the perception of an artwork. Therefore there is a diversity of components featuring in the work – sound, light, physical gestures, images and smells. The artists aim to establish organic links between these elements, so that they act interconnected as actors in a theatre play. The ultimate goal is to create a choreography with these elements so that the audience get involved in a sensory experience.

* This piece is the result of an artistic partnership between Ensemble Modelo62 and Kaleli, as part of the second phase of the grant Nieuwe Makers, co-commissioned by Gaudeamus and with support of the The Performing Arts Fund NL

Anthony Vine (USA) – From a Forest of Standing Mirrors (2014) & For Agnes Martin (2013)
James O’Callaghan (CAN) – AMONG AM A (2015)
Emre Kaleli (TUR) – A Sensorium*

Ensemble Modelo62
Ezequiel Menalled
– dirigent

For just € 35 you can have a combi-ticket for an entire night out! Enjoy the results of the pressure cooker method from Composer’s kitchen, admire the ambitious programme of A Night Out with Modelo62 and end the evening with an intimate feast for eyes and ears with Ob-Literate!
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