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6 - 10 September 2017                           From classical crossover and minimal soundscapes to modern composition with (live) electronics. Gaudeamus Muziekweek presents the newest music by young music pioneers during the eponymous and highly renowned music festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  


06 Sep 2017

PROFOUND SOUND – Asko|Schönberg + Cappella Amsterdam ▸▸

07 Sep 2017

Composer On Stage – Shalygin ▸▸

10 Sep 2017

RUSSIAN FUTURISM – Utrecht String Quartet + Thorwald Jørgensen ▸▸

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Utrecht Muziek

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Sunday 04 Sep 2016
GMW Academy: Lecture Pierre Jodlowski – Political engagement and usage of extended media in the composition process start: 15:00 - 16:00 Location: Muziekhuis Utrecht Price: free Composers: Jodlowski, Pierre (1971)

Please note: The day, time, and location of this lecture have changed. The lecture will now take place on Sunday, 4 September from 15:00 to 16:00 in Muziekhuis Utrecht.

By using extended media (such as video, text, theatrical gestures, lights, scenography) a composer has the possibility to integrate meaningful elements in his or her work, and therefore, to define his or her position regarding society in both a critical and a metaphorical dimension. The fact that art becomes a political tool is highly risky, but it can also grow to be a strong necessity when constant critical situations appear. Music may be part of some inner revolt, itself being the inner matter of the composition process.

As a composer, Pierre Jodlowski never considers his practice as an abstract field of expression. The fact that he uses electronic sounds and extended media has lead him to the question of a significant music that “says” something beyond its immediate emotional issues. But how to say it and precisely what to say? This is the topic of the lecture.

The lecture will be in English.

Pierre Jodlowski is a composer, performer and multimedia artist. His performances take place in France and abroad in the field of contemporary music as well as others art networks: dance, theater, visual arts, improvised and electronic music… His aesthetic is at the crossroads of acoustic and electric sound and is characterized by dramatic and political anchor. For him, music consists of an “active process” on the physical level (musical gestures, energy and space) and on the psychological level (relation to memory and visual dimension of sound).
Pierre Jodlowski is a member of the jury of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek Award 2016.
His work Lesson of Anatomy – Book of Harpsicord will be performed during our festival at the concert Lilleke Spiekerbak.

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