Gaudeamus Muziekweek

6 - 10 September 2017                           From classical crossover and minimal soundscapes to modern composition with (live) electronics. Gaudeamus Muziekweek presents the newest music by young music pioneers during the eponymous and highly renowned music festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  


06 Sep 2017

PROFOUND SOUND – Asko|Schönberg + Cappella Amsterdam ▸▸

07 Sep 2017

Composer On Stage – Shalygin ▸▸

10 Sep 2017

RUSSIAN FUTURISM – Utrecht String Quartet + Thorwald Jørgensen ▸▸

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Utrecht Muziek

Thursday 15 Sep 2016
Lumière II.2 start: 21:30 Location: TivoliVredenburg Price: € 22 / € 17 › Tickets
Composers: Henke, Robert (1969)

From 12 – 16 September Gaudeamus Muziekweek and the HKU University of the Arts are hosting the 42nd International Computer Music Conference. For this occasion computer music artist and audiovisual pioneer Robert Henke will come to Utrecht for the performance of his spectacular Lumière-show.

Berlin producer Robert Henke will perform the latest version of his audiovisual composition for lasers and sound Lumière II.2. The current version of Lumière, (2.2) is a complete re-work of the initial ideas, with a different focus and aesthetics. The first version was based on improvisation with resulting rough and spontaneous gestures. The second iteration is the opposite: a carefully crafted composition which is constantly refined and extended.

Lumière is a long term artistic research project, exploring syntax, meaning and narration within a newly developed audiovisual language. A visionary audiovisual piece that is part of the ICMC 2016.

As techno act Monolake and co-developer of the music software Ableton Live, Henke is a true pioneer and one of the most influential computer music artists. In his trailblazing Lumière-shows Henke works with cutting edge laser techniques which he transforms to live music.

In many ways Robert Henke is ahead of his time, a gamechanger who we will be remembered for his innovative work. Indeed, there already is a whole generation of techno producers tributary to him. His key to succes is a fascinating obsession for engineering and art in general, together with his constant strive to perfection.

in collaboration with TivoliVredenburg



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